Domain Albrechtsfeld
The domain Albrechtsfeld in Andau (Burgenland) is a 1.271 ha farm and specialises on the cultivation of biological crops and cattle. The domain comprises new buildings of modern and functional architecture, a forge, a granary, as well as residences. The granary was renovated to serve especially for events and art exhibitions. 2011 bäckerstrasse wien-berlin was invited to develop a long-term concept for this space.  

Concept of the project space
bäckerstrasse wien-berlin created an artist-in-residence programme for the project space Albrechtfeld. The space enables participating artists to produce large-scale works, as well as sculptures for open spaces. Apart from the project space the forge is also available artistic projects. Selected artists are invited to stay and work in the project space for a period of two to three months.

The focus lies on artworks made of wood, paper, and stone, as well as on a multi-medial approach of the space and surrounding landscape.

After the summer the works created during the artist-in-residence programme are exhibited in Albrechtsfeld. In addition to that the exhibition is shown in the gallery space of bäckerstrasse wien-berlin in Vienna in the beginning of the following year.