Art & Facade comprises temporary public art projects on the facade of bäckerstrasse wien.

For this project the gallery façade turns into a temporary art project for six months, as artists regularly re-design the façade. Marko Luliç who highlighted the façade with the neon sign “SITE SPECIFIC” executed the first façade project. For the second project the jury, comprising Susanne Neuburger, Nina Schedlmayer, and Katharina Blaas, chose the Swiss artist Heiri Häflinger. He covered the facade with white wooden letters saying „UNNÖTI“ (German word for „unnecessary“, missing the last letter). In the summer of 2012 the Turkish artist Songül Boyraz painted the facade in a fluorescent green, followed by Judith Saupper who extended her solo exhibition „Sorgfältige Zukunftsplanung“ into the public space. In February and March 2015 a banner with a jungle motive by Mathias Kessler covered the entire facade on the occasion oft he exhibition „Mind the gap II“.


Dr Katharina Blaas, Public Art, Lower Austria
Dr Susanne Neuburger, Curator MUMOK Vienna
Mag Nina Schedlmayer, Art Critic/ Author, Vienna