„We are part of a collection“ Borjana Ventzislavova
Datum: 14. September 2017
„We are part of a collection“ Borjana Ventzislavova
Borjana Ventzislavovas Ausstellung
„We are part of a collection“
is nun in der Art Gallery +359 in Sofia zu sehen.

Ausstellungsdauer: 14 September - 22 Oktober 2017

The new gallery +359 will take over the water tower for the annual showcase of contemporary art held by the Austrian Embassy in Bulgaria, which has invited the artist to present her solo exhibition titled: „We are part of a collection“, a project curated by Vera Mlechevska. The event, which will take place between September 14 and October 22, is organized by DOMA Art Foundation.

The solo exhibition of Borjana Ventzislavova is primarily a reflection and a tribute. She lives and works in Austria and takes part in numerous international events, yet she has never lost touch with the time and place, which have shaped both her personality and artistic expression. Her installations, photographs, artistic objects and video works, naturally merging with the space of the water tower, are her specific and personal tale of the 80s and 90s. For at least two generations, the period coincides with the transition from childhood to adolescence, to the emotional maelstrom of teenage life.

The Bulgarian transition period shows all the features of a historical puberty: it’s being analysed by political scientists and sociologists as a time of immaturity in the public domain, further deformed by political mutations and economic instability. The changes brought forward new idols and woke up youthful enthusiasm, which made many people take to the streets, only to be followed by an economic depression.

The contradictions and contrasts of the period had their hybrid and DIY aesthetics. The fetishes of youth culture mixed together the five-pointed red star and the flashy symbols of consumerism, the old boots of the punk rockers and the increasing number of shiny objects coming from “abroad”. The 90s also shaped a symbolic topography drawn by the zillion pairs of shoes worn out between cult locations such as Drujba cinema, Kravay, Apteka or “Kalnoto”.

The personal artistic vision of Borjana Ventzislavova – poetic and fragmentary as the era itself, dissolves in the collective memories of many; a revolving door of enthusiasm and apathy, new wave music, privatization, timeless phrases and scribbles – images entwined in the fabric of the long and somewhat shabby transition to the present day.

The name of the exhibition also takes us on a smooth trip down memory lane. It is deliberately borrowed from „Part of a collection“, a song by the Bulgarian new wave legends New Generation. The opening itself will see the works of Borjana Ventzislavova further enhanced by the set of Juli, one half of General Violet, another prominent wave band from that period, who will perform under his DJ alias Schnorchel Mechaniker. The opening will continue in Tell Me bar at 12, Ivan Vazov st. with a “strictly new wave” party.

On September 30 starting at 18:30 visitors are invited to meet the author of the exhibition and participate in a curator-guided tour and discussion on the works of art. That will be followed by the first in many years live concert of General Violet, whose members will join forces once again treating their many fans to a selection of their landmark songs in the gallery’s outdoor court.

The Embassy of Austria in Sofia focuses its culture-related activities on the presentation of contemporary Austrian art. The exhibition „We are part of a collection“ is one of the most important artistic highlights of 2017.